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A team as friendly as the hotel

A hotel, a team and wonderful teamwork. “Everyone who works in the Hotel eduCARE and the Restaurant zum TREFFNER has an area of responsibility and is always happy to be there for our guests,” is the motto at our hotel. Appreciation is our top priority. The majority of our staff have been valuable assets at our hotel for many years. 

Our staff also appreciate our open and family-like atmosphere. The family of owners expect solid professional training and great commitment from their team, and are thrilled when employees choose to achieve their own professional fulfilment with the Hotel eduCARE. Plus, everyone who works here is integrated in our region and enjoys sharing their love of Carinthia with guests.

Our TOP 4 qualities 

The friendly team at the Hotel eduCARE



Kindness comes from the heart. 



Your wish is our command. 



...sind wir für unsere Gast da. Teamfähigkeit leben wir tagtäglich. 



Guests are part of the family.



100% focus on our guests’ needs. 



Wir kennen uns aus und haben die besten Empfehlungen für unsere Gäste.

Moments that stay with us

Happiness and recognition

But what are the best moments for employees of the Hotel eduCARE and the Buchacher family? “When guests have a hard time saying goodbye – and then visit us again!” says Andreas Buchacher.

Josefine Buchacher, host

Josefine Buchacher, host

“We love getting postcards from guests who begin their holiday at the eduCARE and end it in Italy or Croatia!”

A team who know their calling

Im familiären Hotel eduCARE in Kärnten arbeiten insgesamt 30 Mitarbeiter Seite an Seite mit der Gastgeber-Familie – immer auf Augenhöhe und zum Wohle des Gastes. Die gute Stimmung spürt man sowohl im Hotel als auch im Wirtshaus zum TREFFNER. Das Wirtshaus verfügt über ein Gastronomie-Team von 15 Personen. Hier finden auch junge Menschen aus der Region ihre Chance, eine Lehre zu absolvieren und mit großem Engagement vieles und noch mehr zu lernen.

A total of 30 employees work side by side with the Buchacher family at the Hotel eduCARE in Carinthia – always on equal footing and with the good of our guests in mind. You can sense the good work environment both in the hotel and at the Restaurant zum TREFFNER.

The restaurant has a team of 15 people. Young people from the area also have opportunities to complete an apprenticeship with us – a great way to gain experience and learn what it means to work with real dedication.

Teil von etwas Großem

Werfen Sie einen Blick auf unsere offenen Stellenausschreibungen und finden Sie den idealen Job im Hotel oder der Gastronomie.

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